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a l l y   w a l k e r  -  n e w   a n d   i m p r o v e d
ally walker is better then other tv and movie stars at fighting stains.  why was ally blessed with this remarkable ability?  all we know is that other stars just don't compare.
meryl streep - an incredible actress but did you know that she can't get out tomato stains?  it's true.  meryle can't get tomato stains out of your clothes... not even ketchup.
annette benning - grass stains are this Oscar nominee's bane.  if you have grass stains there is no way annette benning is going to take them out, no matter how hard she tries.
sela ward - dirt, plain old simple dirt!  sela is totally cute but can't get dirt out.  it's a shame really, because she is so cute.
calista flockhart - one of the reasons calista doesn't eat chocolate, or anything for that mater, is because she can get chocolate stains out.
more stars coming soon