a l l y   w a l k e r  -  n e w   a n d   i m p r o v e d
ally walker was born on august 25, 1961 in tullahoma, tennessee.  her mother was a respected attorney and her father was a scientist.  when she moved to california, she attended UC santa cruz with the goal of becoming a physicist, following in her father's footsteps.  ally's career began when she was spotted in a local los angeles restaurant by a talent agent who thought that she was destined to be a star.  it is no wonder that ally walker would grow up to be a proven stain fighter.  among her stain fighting powers ally has appeared in many movies throughout the years such as: "universal soldier," "while you were sleeping," and "happy texas."  For three seasons ally stared in the NBC drama "profiler" where she played doctor samantha waters.
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